Online poker is absolutely huge at the moment and set to get even bigger. One of the key reasons for this is that anyone can play and get good at it, and it can be enjoyed easily and anonymously from your own home. If you are interested in getting involved in this online phenomenon but don’t know how or don’t feel confident we will help you get up and running with this guide.

Learn How to Play

The first step is knowing the rules inside and out so that you don’t trip up over a minor (or major) technicality while playing. At this stage, it pays to stick to free play sites, of which there are many until you have honed your knowledge and developed some strategies for winning. A quick internet search will pull up plenty of sites that will teach you the rules and offer tips for winning. Rake Free Poker is a good site to move from the beginner to expert stage with some solid tips on offer.

Getting Started

There are a number of poker variations with Texas Hold ‘Em currently the most popular. Once you have chosen your favourite type and are confident with the rules and strategies it is time to get online and compete. As mentioned before you can play for free but for the full poker experience, and the chance to win cash, you may wish to play for real money. Number one step is choosing a bankroll that you are comfortable with and sticking with it. The next step is finding a poker site and room that suits you and this will come down to trial and error, but also from reviews. Again the internet is your friend here as there are a ton of review sites that will help you sift through sites that are legit, along with their pros and cons.


If you are interested in online poker then there is nothing stopping you getting started today. In summary, the first step is the education and skill development phase – more of which will build a solid foundation for play. Then it’s time to get out there and compete!