The latest and most popular art books cover everything from modern artists like Banksy to commentary on the most iconic art classics in the world. We look at the most popular art books available and what you will discover when you delve into the pages of the art world.

Wall and Piece by Bansky

The legendary “guerrilla” street artist Banksy has created some of the most recognizable street art pieces in the world. The artist has painted his work on walls and bridges in towns and cities all over the globe, and has managed to smuggle his art into four of New York’s major art museums. He has also surreptitiously placed his work in the Tate Gallery London and painted on the West Bank barrier in Israel.

The enduring mystery of the identity of Banksy adds to the intrigue around his art, and even though his identity may never be known, his unmistakable work is recognizable the world over and prints fetch thousands.

The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich

This book has been revised and updated and covers everything from the earliest cave paintings to modern experimental art. The book now includes more modern artists and covers the work of some of the most well-known historical paintings in detail. There are also fold-outs of famous paintings by masters allowing you to see these iconic works in exquisite detail.

The world of art is incredibly diverse and the most popular art books show you a world of colour and dimension that will ignite your imagination.