The internet opened up a host of marketing avenues for businesses, but it has also made the sector that much more competitive. Trends are always changing and new aspects of marketing crop up. Marketers are forced to keep learning and honing their skills. Books and websites are resources that you can use for this, but you must find the right ones. Here are a few suggestions.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

Even a seasoned marketer may have trouble navigating the treacherous waters of internet marketing. This book, authored by the team from DigitalMarketers, is a collection of ideas on how to leverage the various features of online marketing.


Moz has built a reputation as the go-to website for all things digital marketing. It is perfect for novices in online marketing. It sheds light on different elements such as content marketing, SEO and affiliate marketing, which has grown in popularity, particularly in the gambling sector. If a website owner wants to know how to make money by hosting online casino ads, Moz will have useful resource on doing it right.

The Business of Influence Marketing

Influencer marketing is one trend that brands try to capitalise on it. However, there is a system to it, and this book explores that. Understanding influence marketing is crucial for any marketer, which is why this Philip Sheldrake book makes sense.


It is not sufficient for marketers to learn how to build digital marketing campaigns; they must be able to measure them as well. KISSmetrics is the website to turn to when looking to acquire skills in performance measurement. The blog teaches how to evaluate internet marketing strategies and optimise them accordingly.

Get Social Smart

The book is by Katie Lance, and it shows marketers ‘How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy.’ Social media marketing is a must-have skill in this age, and this book points out the correct approach to take when developing a campaign.

Marketers must keep sharpening their skills to get the most from their marketing efforts. A few books and websites provide invaluable information that contributes towards that.